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Dun & Bradstreet’s Business Information Report (BIR) is a risk management solution which helps finance professionals to determine a company’s profitability, financial stability, and payment performance.

It is an industry standard for evaluating both new and existing credit relationships, especially medium-to-high risk accounts.

The BIR provides an overall profile of a company, including financial information, payment history, trends, history of business, ownership details, operational information, and details on related firms. It is available on millions of establishments worldwide.

Why Do I Need a Business Information Report?

Assess the health and future viability of a company with rating and scores

Minimize risk by understanding its legal activities

Verify the existence of a business, check its size and purpose

Review and understand the background of owners and key employees

Identify financial trends and payment patterns

View the linkage relationship between different companies


What’s Included in Dun & Bradstreet’s BIR?

Business Information Reports contain up to date information, collected from various data sources, and a translation into a clear risk assessment. Listed below are the important elements in the reports.

Business Summary

Factual information on the existence, operations, financial condition, management experience, a line of business, facilities, and locations of the subject firm.

Corporate Family Tree

Insight into national and international family relations. Information about domestic and worldwide, all subsidiaries, branches, and letters of reliability. The parent company, affiliated concerns, subsidiaries, departments, and divisions, referenced with name and D&B D-U-N-S® Number


Financials provide comprehensive financial information across a variety of different company types. This section delivers views and detailed insight into a company’s financial performance and stability for the past three (3) years.

D&B Rating

Gives you a quick assessment of a firm’s size and composite credit appraisal, based on the company’s financial statements and an overall evaluation of the firm’s creditworthiness

History, Special Events, and Operations Data

Incorporation details, par value of shares, and ownership information. Related companies, including identification of parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, and branches worldwide. Special events, as well as any suits, liens, judgments or previous/pending bankruptcies

Payment History and Payment Terms

Through cooperation with several collection companies, Dun & Bradstreet has a large number of negative payment experiences that are important in determining the risk of failure.

Data on Directors and Management

The reports contain information on current and previous management. Background information on administration, such as the educational and career history of the company principals.

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