Optimize cash flow and collection strategies

Leverage trade data to navigate credit risks in your organization

DUNTrade Program is a credit risk management solution that facilitates the exchange of trade credit experiences allowing a network of data providers to share Accounts Receivable (AR) information with the business community.

Being part of the world's largest commercial data network can improve your credit decisions to avoid risks of delayed payments. At no cost, your business can support the credit community by sharing customer payment experiences confidentially.

Why Become a DUNTrade Partner?

Enhanced Credit Decision-Making

Access to a vast network of data providers, enabling more informed credit decisions, reduced payment risks, and an improved bottom line through enhanced creditworthiness assessment

Payment Analysis

Have a unique view of payment behavior through visual payment data comparisons, allowing you to refine credit policies, set realistic credit limits, and optimize debt collection strategies based on industry standards and peer comparisons

Confidential Data Exchange

Ensure data confidentiality and GDPR compliance, allowing you to securely share your accounts receivable data, contributing to a robust credit ecosystem that benefits the entire community without compromising data security

How DUNTrade Program works?

The DUNTrade program collects and analyzes partners ageing balances to identify late payments and facilitate payment performance analysis. This information will help you make decisions about granting credit or your debt collection strategy..

DUNTrade manages data exchanges: program participants agree to share their accounts receivable data, enabling us to calculate a payment experience score. In return for the data they provide, our partners have access to their payment comparison analysis using our PPI (Payment Performance Insights) application.

Naturally, DUNTrade partnerships are governed by non-disclosure rules, guaranteeing that your data remains strictly confidential and that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is followed.

The Payment Performance Insights (PPI)

Payment Performance Insights (PPI) is a cloud-based, global application that provides insight into how your customers pay you versus pay their suppliers and industry peers.

It is a complimentary interactive platform that showcases payment data in easy-to-read charts and graphs to visually display payment performance and benchmarking metrics.

Improve your credit decisions

Filter out companies with poor payment habits to identify active customers likely to default, enabling quick portfolio risk assessment and proactive risk management

Facilitate your business development

Filter for accounts with strong payment histories to identify financially healthy active customers to boost targeted sales efforts for revenue growth and enhances communication with the sales department for smoother collaboration

Increase the relevance and efficiency of your reports

Choose comparative payment analysis and portfolio graphs for informed communication with management using expert benchmarks and swift generation of monitored steering documents

Join Dun & Bradstreet's global network of trade data partners and receive powerful insights into the world of payments.

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