Risk Management Has to Start Evolving

[New Study] Learn why the risk management status quo isn't cutting it.

In today's volatile, disruption-prone business climate, are established enterprise risk management (ERM) practices as effective as they need to be? How well are businesses able to withstand systemic, enterprise, and third-party risks with the data and solutions they currently use?

We wanted to find out, so we commissioned Forrester to survey over 400 decision-makers in risk and compliance roles across North America and the U.K. The results were a bit surprising; most notably, they revealed a clear disconnect between respondents assessments of their ERM capabilities and the actual impacts of critical risk events they sustained.

The survey report, “Change the Culture of Risk Management to Increase Business Resilience,” highlights this disconnect between perceived risk management capabilities and risk event consequences. It also explores:

  • Why cross-functional risk management is needed to defend against rising systemic risk
  • Why investing in more robust risk data and data management offers transformational enterprise-wide benefits
  • Key recommendations from Forrester about how to approach risk management amid continuing instability

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