A Risk Management Solution for a Smarter Decision

By The Editors

Partnerships are hard to build and even harder to maintain. As a business executive, you probably have these questions before forging a business relationship with a new partner.

  • Is my potential partner real?
  • How experienced is my potential partner?
  • How exposed am I to risk in this partnership?
  • Are there any frauds possible?

Clear your mind of these questions with a risk management solution designed to provide a comprehensive risk assessment.

Dun & Bradstreet's business report equips finance and credit professionals with unparalleled insight that presents a clear picture of risk. Our world-class business insight features:

  • Risk Assessment - D&B's report delivers the most in-depth and beneficial intelligence for assessing risk and making business decisions. It contains the most reliable D&B Rating and Risk Indicator giving client's a view of the potential partner's financial situation.
  • Trade Payments - Trade Payments help to indicate how quickly a company is likely to pay its bills in the future by reviewing its payment patterns with others in the past.
  • Legal Events - Past and present legal activities can impact a company's financial stability and operations. D&B collects court case lists from various sources. It is investigated and confirmed by an analyst before being posted to a report.
  • Financial Information - D&B provides comprehensive financial information across a variety of different company types. The financial section delivers summary views and detailed insight into a company's financial performance and stability over a period of time.
  • Linkages - Linkages create a visual representation of a company's different businesses and locations. It helps to assess a company's size, understand its real estate footprint, identify potential conflicts of interest, and create more accurate reporting on large supplies.
  • Principals - Information on the principals associated with a business is important as it provides insight into the people making the decisions. D&B provides insight on educational background and previous employment (if available) and other directorships from other companies.

Create smarter decisions with Dun & Bradstreet's Risk Management Solutions.

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